7 reasons why our woodworking clamps for width bonding of wood are the best choice

  1. Woodworking clamps for width bonding of wood allow us to easily and quickly bond the wood panels.
  2. Their use is simple, so it enables the inexperienced to bond like true masters do too.
  3. The clamps replace expensive machines and devices while saving space in the carpentry workshop.
  4. The clamps are made of 3 mm thick tubes of dimensions 50 x 30 mm and two powerful levers with indestructible trapezoidal thread (tr16x4).
  5. The clamps give us a four sided pressure, which enables a firmly bonded joint and a perfectly flat surface.
  6. The clamps are galvanized and resistant to rust.
  7. Woodworking clamps for wide bonding of wood have proven to be an indispensable tool in numerous small and large carpentry workshops.
4 Way Pressure Clamping System

What types and dimensions of wood can I bind?

With woodworking clamps for wide bonding of wood, you can bind almost all types of wood. The strong thread and thick tubes allow for high surface pressure and complete compression of the adhesive in the joint, which ensures a clean and firm connection.

Edge gluing clamps

The clamps are available in three dimensions

For binding plates up to widths of 700 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm, and optional lengths and thicknesses from 25 mm (with padding, less is also possible) up to 50 mm.

For example: for a bound plate with a width of 900 mm and a length of 2000 mm we need up to 5 sets of woodworking clamps. The number of clamps we need depends on the thickness, width and number of panels being bound and the hardness of the wood. In extreme cases, we can also use other clamps to provide help in the meantime.

Binding plates up to widths of 700 mm

Binding wood plates up to widths of 700 mm

Binding plates up to widths of 900 mm

woodworking clamps

Binding plates up to widths of 1200 mm

Bar clamps

With padding you can binding plates less than 25mm thickness.

Bidding wood panels les than 25mm

Can I bind several plates simultaneously and save time?

With a tube with upgrade levers, you can bind multiple panels at the same time. Binding is recommended in no more than three sets. With this upgrade, you save time and become more productive.

Bind multiple wood panels at the same time

Where can I buy the clamps?

You can buy clamps for width bonding of wood only from us!

In our company we both manufacture and sell the clamps, which means that you will buy the product first hand.

It may happen that the product is not in stock because we do not produce large batches at the same time in the company. However, please contact us anytime and inquire about new stocks, or pre-order the product.

Find your options of clamps in our online store.

What about delivery?

We ship products to all EU Member States, some products also in the US and Canada.

You can read more about the delivery here.

Do the woodworking clamps have a warranty?

Our company KRDR d.o.o., as a manufacturer and seller, guarantees that the woodworking clamps for wide adhesion of wood are free from defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty is valid for 2 years.

You can read more about the warranty here.