Warranty and refunds


Warranty for woodworking clamps for width bonding of wood:
  • it is valid for two years
  • it does not apply in the event that the product becomes unusable due to causes not related to defects in workmanship and materials,
  • the seller is no longer responsible for defects that appear on the item after two years from the takeover,
  • the warranty does not cover defects due to misuse, abuse and usual wear.
The manufacturer KRDR d.o.o. ensures that the clamps for width binding of wood are made in a high quality and will serve for many years even with professional use.

Refunds when claiming a material defect or warranty

If you see any defects on the item, please contact us immediately info@woodworking-clamps.com or via contact form. As a manufacturer and seller, we are obliged to remedy the defect within 45 days of receiving the goods, otherwise the product will be replaced with another, equivalent and flawless product. The transfer of the goods under warranty shall be made in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer on the warranty card, the buyer has no costs thereby. If you want to return the shipment with us covering the costs, you may do so by reaching an agreement via info@woodworking-clamps.com. In accordance with this agreement, we will send a delivery service to your address, which will take over the shipment. Attention: a different way of sending (shipping) at the seller’s expense (KRDR d.o.o.) is not possible.

Refunds on cancellation of contract remotely

The buyer has the right (exclusively for natural persons) to, in ( 14 30 days after the receipt of the items, inform the seller of the withdrawal from the contract without the stated reason. The time limit shall start to be counted from the day the buyer took over the item. The buyer must return the item to the seller undamaged, unused and unchanged, unless the item is destroyed, defective, lost, or its quantity decreased, without the buyer being at fault. The only cost related to the withdrawal from the contract that the buyer is liable to pay is the cost of returning the goods. The latter must be returned to the seller no later than within 30 days of the notice of cancellation (of purchase). The refund of the payments made will be made as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal. Payment of refunds is made exclusively to the transaction account of the customer. In the event of withdrawal from the contract where the delivery was charged, only the amount that includes the items will be returned to the buyer. The cost of delivery is borne by the buyer. In case of withdrawal from the contract where the discount code was used, only the paid amount is returned to the buyer. The discount code is deemed to be a means of payment in the event of withdrawal and is returned to the buyer in the same format (new discount code). The buyer will cancel the contract by e-mail info@woodworking-clamps.com. In the event of withdrawal, the buyer returns the item to: KRDR d.o.o., Neverke 52, 6256 Košana, Slovenia. The return of the received products to the company within the deadline for withdrawal from the contract shall be considered a notice of withdrawal. Shipments with collect payment will be rejected.

Form for material defect and warranty claims, and remote cancellation of contract.

Click to download form – PDF