About Us

The company KRDR d.o.o. is a small family business, whose beginnings date back to 1987. The company was then founded by Dušan Kristan as a locksmith craft in his home garage. Most of the activities were focused on cooperation with neighboring companies, mainly with the wood and metal industries, while the smaller part was classical locksmith services on the market. This mostly meant production of metal fittings for the furniture industry at home and abroad.

In 2006, we moved our business to a newly emerging industrial zone in Neverke. A larger space has helped to increase the volume of work and the production of larger products.

At the time of privatization and later recession, large companies with whom we co-operated were failing one by one, or shutting down programs. This has helped to direct our innovation and development into the production and sale of our own products. In 2015, we transferred the company’s business to a limited liability company and moved to newly built business premises. Since then, the company has been led by the founder’s son Robert Kristan in the role of the CEO.

Our vision is the development and production of our own finished products made of metal and similar materials, their promotion and sale to the final customer. In the future, we want to increase the sales of our products, mostly online, to the European and other markets.

The mission of the company is to offer our customers products that are designed with quality, safe, easy to use and affordable.

Where our company is located